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A zoo of materials, for your wildest projects

Matterzoo is home to the most talked-about collection, specialising in unique materials you've never even heard of. From the peculiar yet dazzling, to the most innovative and sustainable finishes, Matterzoo is a place where every material matters

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Do more, get inspired, and expand your network with Matterzoo's features and tools. Here’s where the creativity begins.

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Combine your existing moodboards with our library of materials for endless creative possibilities.

30,000+ materials from established suppliers to unique, local brands

Carefully curated from across the Southeast Asia region!

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Whether it's a brainstorming session or a client meeting, you'll be able to get your ideas across.

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What is Matterzoo?

Matterzoo aims to make the way you sample materials from multiple sources as painlessly simple as possible. Explore and request material samples from different suppliers on one platform.


Curate, arrange and compare samples you’re interested in. Go beyond and discover inspiration, themes and application ideas.

Is Matterzoo free to join?

Yes! We’re always free for designers to use. Simply provide us with a few essential pieces of information about yourself and you’ll be good to go!


However, for certain specialised materials, we would require you to provide payment details or a small additional deposit. As we expand, we’ll constantly work on making most of our listed materials always available for you to sample!

What’s the benefit of using Matterzoo over the normal specification process?

Using Matterzoo opens up a wealth of materials that are not available via traditional channels. By selecting and specifying materials on one convenient platform, you’ll also have more time to work on the projects you love.


Traditionally, designers rely on personal connections with brand representatives, physical sourcing trips and in-house material libraries to source for materials. These connections and resources are not available to every designer, especially ones who are just starting out or working in smaller teams.


Eventually, we aim to democratise the material sourcing process by opening up access to many more materials, as well as linking craftsmen with designers who are interested in purchasing their work.

How can I join Matterzoo?

Thanks for your interest! Anyone who’s a designer or an architect can join Matterzoo. All you need to do is provide your company’s details and a billing address. This will ensure that we’re building the best platform that you can integrate into your design workflow.

Tell me more about the people behind Matterzoo!

Hi! 👋 Matterzoo is the brainchild of a group of designers and manufacturers that have come together to solve a common problem that we see in the industry: a lack of equitable access to materials for projects.


Together, we’ve accumulated a diverse range of experience working on a slew of commercial and residential projects, on both the design and manufacturing sides. We’re currently headquartered in the sunny locale of Singapore, and are building a base in both Singapore and Indonesia!

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Matterzoo is a seamless material library made with designers in mind

Our friendly support team is here for any questions that you have for Matterzoo

Copyright © 2020 Matterzoo. All rights reserved.

Matterzoo is a seamless material library made with designers in mind

Our friendly support team is here for any questions that you have for Matterzoo

Copyright © 2020 Matterzoo. All rights reserved.

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